Company History

January 2003 – Cord Blood America’s original stem cell storage company, Cord Partners, Inc., launched

January 2005 – Cord Partners reverse merged into Cord Blood America, Inc. (CBAI), commenced trading on the OTCBB

January 2006 – CBAI purchases assets of Cryobanks for Oncologic and Reproductive Donors (C.O.R.D.)

October 2006 – CBAI purchases Corcell Operations changes name to CorCell Companies, Inc.

March 2007 – CBAI purchases assets of CorCell - changes name to CorCell, Ltd.

August 2007 – CBAI purchases assets of CureSource, Inc.

May 2009 – CBAI begins building state of the art laboratory

January 2010 – CBAI completes Grand Opening of their laboratory and corporate offices in Las Vegas, NV

February 2010 – CBAI finalizes cord blood stem cell processing and storage agreement with BioCells of Argentina

March 2010 – CBAI signs license agreement to operate AXM Pharma, Inc, a stem cell collection business in China March

September 2010 – Cord Blood America closes South American stem cell company BioCells, Inc.

February 2011 – Cord Blood America purchases minority interest in VidaPlus, a Spanish stem cell storage company

March 2011 – Cord Blood America Completes Asset Purchase of Cord Blood Stem Cells Stored by Reproductive Genetics Institute, Inc.

June 2011 – Cord Blood America Acquires Assets of NeoCells, an Illinois Stem Cell Storage Company

August 2011 – CBAI adds BancoVida as reseller in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

January 2012 – CBAI’s affiliate Biocells adds Reseller affiliate in Brazil

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Executive Team


Joseph Vicente
(702) 914-7250

Vice President & General Counsel

Stephen Morgan
(702) 914-7250

Tissue Bank Director

Dr. Geoffrey O'Neill
(702) 914-7250

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